Sod and Seed

There are advantages to both seed and sod and some applications only one or the other can be applied.

Seeding is the most basic form of growing grass. It can be applied in full sun to almost shade. In many application seed is sufficient as long as you have the right base with the seed. This includes proper soils, nutrition and fertilization, and watering. It takes a little more time and energy than sod, however it is cheaper and with the right attention can produce a happy and healthy lawn.

Sod on the other hand is an almost instant solution and provide and immediate finished lawn look. A properly sodded lawn needs almost no attention besides watering. Sod plants are mature and capable of handling a new environment. One of the best things about sod is the minimal or non existent amount of weeds that spring up. On slopes sod is the perfect match. It prevents erosion of the soil and eliminates mud when you water the sod. Seed on a hill will wash away. While the initial cost may be higher, in the long run the beauty of the lawn and energy needed to sustain growth are far less.