Lawn Maintenance

The most important thing that your property needs is professional and consistent lawn maintenance. This is imperative to upholding the aesthetic beauty of your property. Together we can produce a service plan that is specialized for you and your property. Douglas Brothers Landscaping currently handles small residential lots to large commercial properties and everything in between. From weekly maintenance to large scale enhancement our maintenance crews are qualified and dedicated to handle it all. Equipped with the latest and most efficient equipment to date Douglas Brothers is ahead of the curve in enhancing your image.

In the fall we have what it takes to fight those never ending falling leaves. Our full service teams will leave your lawn and beds looking spotless of leaves. Many different options are available to make your property look its best in the fall months. We can come in and remove all leaves from the property and haul them away with our specialized dump truck and leaf vacuum. We can move all the leaves to a wooded area or compost pile on your property. Or we can simply come in and mulch the leaves on the lawn and leave them to decompose and naturally fertilize your property.

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