Landscape and Design

Landscape and Landscape Design is the heart and soul of Douglas Brothers Landscaping. It is the largest division of the company and a true passion of everyone involved with it. We can handle any job you have from start to finish and you can be as big a part of the process as you want. This is what makes this aspect so great. We can come out to your property and talk with you one time and draw up an elaborate landscape design for your house and move forward to the completion of the work. Also, if you would like, you can help with the design, plant selection and placement, and final planning measures. We welcome you out on the job site changing things as we go. It is your property and your investment and we want it to be just as you had imagined it would always look.

One of the most desired services yearly is mulch installation. Every year we can come in apply new mulch to your property. Mulch is one of the best things you can do for your property. It not only adds to the beauty of your home or business but is naturally important to the water and nutrient absorption of your plants. This service includes weeding and applying a fresh edge to all of the beds. All the beds are properly cleaned out of all unwanted debris. A preemergent fertilizer can also be added to help prevent weed growth through out the year. This is harmless to your existing plants. If desired your plants and shrubs can be prune for growth and aesthetic purposes. Then the mulch is applied at an even texture to complete the process. In some cases where too much mulch has been applied over the years; mulch removal is necessary. We will remove the excess mulch and start the process over.

Maybe you are simply looking to add a tree or two or a couple new plants. We deal in trees from small pots to mature larger caliper balled in burlap varieties. Whether it be a Spruce tree or a Cherry tree we can get what ever you want. Perennials can add color to any garden or mulch bed. Annuals, while they have a shortened life span, are great seasonal contributions. Many times a new shrub can fill in that empty spot under your front window or complete you entire landscape. Let us come out and talk with you about what new plants, shrubs, or trees will work for you and your property.

Want to see pictures of our past work? Check out our portfolio.