Drainage and Erosion Control

Need to divert rain water from your mulch beds or lawn? Wet spots in your lawn? Douglas Brothers has your solutions. We can take your rain gutters and bury them out of site. They can be run as to not cause a problem for you or your neighbors. Wet spots and low points of your property can be resolved as well. Douglas Brothers can install French Drains and dry wells to collect and disperse the excess water that your property cannot absorb.

If you have a hill that won’t sustain grass or water is moving across the hill, we can help. Today there is a wide assortment of remedies for you. We can install plant materials such as ground covers, grasses, and shrubs to withstand the affects of the water. Perhaps a drainage solutions mentioned above is best for you.

Whether you have a problem with water in the lawn or drainage on a hill one of the first things to do is a soil percolation test. This can be achieved by digging a hole about one foot deep by one foot wide. The hole is then filled with water and calculations are done on the time it takes the water to be absorbed by the soil.

Erosion Services

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